May 29, 2018

Property Management


The professionals at Marshal Real Estate and Property Management take pride in providing unsurpassed property management services to our clients and are capable of managing all types of properties from commercial investment property to single family homes and mixed use developments.

Services provided by Marshall Real Estate and Property Management include Financial Management, Administration of Records and Insurance, Tenant Relations, Property Inspections and Supervision of Maintenance, Repairs and Improvements to Property.

These three important goals guide our property management decisions:

1. Protect the property’s current value,
2. Enhance the long-term value of the property,
3. Provide maximum cash flow to the owners of the property without compromising the first two goals.

With these goals in mind, our property management team works closely with owners to tailor a plan that will achieve the desired results of a sound and profitable long term investment for the owner. We believe in this time-tested philosophy and would appreciate the opportunity to describe it to you in more detail.

For more information, email Steve Marshall at or call 303-304-1408.